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There are lots of considerations and steps that go into the process of selling your car on your own. It requires an assessment, fixing up what’s worth the cost, posting it for sale in multiple places, meeting strangers, and nervously anticipating full payment. With Comox Valley, you can skip the hassle and work with us to either get you the money you deserve for your vehicle or help you trade your car in for another car.

Our team at Comox Valley will buy or trade in any used vehicle you use to get around! Contact us if you are looking to sell or trade-in the following:

  •  Car, truck or SUV
  •  RV
  •  Camper
  •  Motor home
  •  Motorcycle
  •  Vintage vehicle
  • ATV or 4 Wheeler

Why Should You Trade In Your Car at a Dealership?

The trade-in process is fast and easy with our specialists at Comox Valley. We can have your vehicle assessed, exchanged, and send you home with a new vehicle in just a few days! Avoid the weeks, or sometimes months, of the stressful process of meeting potential buyers and worrying about how to handle the payment. Let us handle the entire transaction for you from start to finish!

There are many advantages to trading in your car at a dealership over selling it yourself. Aside from it being convenient, it’s through a reliable source that will reduce the stress of managing the payment and valuation yourself. Take advantage of these additional benefits of trading in your car at a dealership:

  • – You only have to deal with one person—the dealer, who handles the entire transaction for you from start to finish.
  • – It’s fast and convenient. Selling your car yourself can take weeks or months; from taking photos yourself, making multiple posts on different websites, following up with strangers and handling the transactions. Selling and/or trading your car in through a dealership lets you trade your car in just a day or two.
  • – Trading in your vehicle reduces the price of your new car; the trade-in amount will apply directly to your new vehicle at our dealership!
  • – Pay less in sales tax. Since the trade-in amount is directly taken off your new and or used vehicle trade-in, the total amount paid for the vehicle is reduced before the tax is applied, resulting in a lower tax amount.

How to Trade in Your Car at Comox Valley Dodge

Trading in your vehicle at Comox Valley Dodge for another used or new vehicle is easy! You can provide us with your contact information and a few details to receive a free appraisal before even walking into our lot. Request a free trade-in appraisal to get started!

After we receive your request, a member of our financial services staff will contact with you an appraisal for your vehicle. Once you’ve received your appraisal and decided you’d like to trade in your vehicle at Comox Valley Dodge, you can bring your car in for a final inspection and quote, pick out the vehicle you would like to trade for, and our financial team will finalize the trade in a matter of days!

It’s important to keep in mind some factors that can affect your vehicle’s trade-in value. Some things that can cause the final quote for your vehicle to differ from the appraisal value include the following:

  • – Current vehicle condition
  • – Past repairs and accidents
  • – Province of trade-in and residency
  • – Cosmetic detailing required
  • – Mechanical repairs required

Before bringing your vehicle into Comox Valley Dodge to have it assessed for its trade-in value, follow these tips to maximize the potential value of your trade-in car:

  • – Make sure it’s clean inside and out
  • – Ensure there are no major functional complications (that are worth the investment)
  • – Check for proper, up-to-date maintenance
  • – Address minor cosmetic damages

Ready to get started? You can use the form below to provide some additional information about your trade-in vehicle and have someone contact you soon with specific details about your vehicle!

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