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Start off 2018 with NO PAYMENTS only Comox Valley Dodge

Dive away with No Payments OR we will make your first payment to help you start 2018 off right at Comox Valley Dodge. We have a huge selection and amazing offers! There are many reasons to get into a new ride this new year with Comox Valley Dodge! Get into a new ride and…

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Attractive deals like this don’t come often! Make this your opportunity to check a new ride off your wishlist and glide into the new year gallantly! Start off your new year confident and happy with Comox Valley Dodge because we want to be there for all your sharp turns and curves in the new 2018. Also, who doesn’t want to glide gallantly?

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All offers are subject to approval conditions (OAC). No payments for 90 Days means payments are deferred not skipped. Full term of payments are still required to be paid in full to satisfy the terms of the finance contract. Payments would commence 90 Days after contract date. Interest accrues during the payment free time based on contractual terms and must be satisfied regardless if full payment is made at any point. All offers are net of all rebates and incentives and no 2 offers can be combined. Offers expire at close on January 31st, 2018. DL#5682