Kids Should Play

Helping Kids Play Sports in Comox

Kids Should Play is community initiative to help more kids play and be active. All kids should be able to play outdoors and if it’s the equipment they need, that’s where we can help!

Comox Valley Dodge has partnered up with 98.9 to connect kids with the resources they need so every kid can partake in outdoor activities. Whether kids want to be a part of a football team or simply need a bicycle to ride around outside, Comox Valley Dodge wants to help make their dreams come true. Every month, we pick one lucky winner from a list of kids in need who are nominated by themselves or others who recognize a need.

Do you know someone or are you a kid who meets the following?*:

  • – 12 years of age or under
  • – Needs equipment to play a sport
  • – Is a resident of Comox Valley

Every dollar donated goes directly to the kids to ensure that every piece of equipment that’s needed can be bought and delivered to a child who needs it. Comox Valley Dodge and 98.9 are proud that all advertising and outside efforts are from donations of time and resources; not one dollar that’s donated for the kids is spent towards anything but sports equipment.

We believe that no kid in Comox Valley should be hindered from being active and playing outdoors. Help support Comox Valley Dodge and 98.9 in our mission to help kids who otherwise couldn’t afford to participate in sports in the community.

Kids Should Play Donations

Do you want to be a part of our mission to help kids play? Contact us today to learn more about how you can contribute.