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New car manufacturer’s warranties are often called “Limited Warranties” because they’re just that – limited. They only last a set, usually brief period of time. An extended warranty can save you from costly unexpected repairs long after the original warranty has expired.

Do I need an extended warranty?
When your car breaks down, it’s almost always costly, troublesome, and stressful. Extended vehicle warranties help spare you some of that difficulty by paying your way when unexpected repairs rear their ugly heads.

But an extended warranty gives you more than a protected investment. Any warranties offered through Comox Valley Dodge come with roadside assistance. When you suffer a flat on the Island Highway or lock your keys in your car, you’ll have the help you need.

Extended warranties can also make your car potentially more valuable for resale. Most are transferable to new owners along with the vehicle, so you can recover value.

Comox Valley Dodge offers a wide range of warranty coverage levels. From basic bumper-to-bumper warranties to options that cover extra features like radios and power windows, you can find a price range that suits your needs.
Extended warranties decrease unforeseen costs and help protect your investment. We recognize that unexpected bills or repairs are both inconvenient and expensive. These extended warranty plans not only provide peace of mind, but added benefits such as extended roadside assistance as well. These extended service coverages will allow you to drive your vehicle with comfort and convenience. For instance, roadside assistance assists in the event of a flat tire, if the keys are locked in the vehicle and numerous other services.

Where do I start?
For a free quote and additional information on coverage, submit our simple contact form, or give our finance department a call. We’re devoted to giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision on your warranty purchase.

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